butterfly”Dory received rave reviews on her presentation ‘Maintaining Top Vocal Health and The Consonant Orchestra’ at our international convention for voice actors. We received dozens of comments from attendees that Dory answered long-time questions and provided immediate solutions to their speech issues.”

James Alburger
Voice Actor and Producer, VoiceOver International Creative Experience

butterfly 2”I could not be more pleased with the quick and amazing improvement I have experienced with this professional and patient teacher.”

Keith Russel
Voice Actor

butterfly 2“Dory was incredibly generous with her time. I learned so much about my speaking voice which helped my singing voice too. Dory helped me get rid of my vocal nodules and I am so grateful.”

Musical Theatre Performer

butterfly 2“Dory helped me reduce my accent which really boosted my confidence in the workplace and in my presentations.  I enjoyed her creative ideas for incorporating my new skills into my daily speaking.”

Steven O’ Connor

butterfly“Dory Kafoure provided excellent information to my teaching artists about how to practice safe and effective vocal instruction to actors and singers. Her vocal health workshop was not just useful and enlightening, but fun and interactive as well.”

Kim Montelibano Heil
Education Director, San Diego Junior Theatre

butterfly“Dory helped my vocal nodules go away. I learned better breathing habits and how to take care of my voice. She made things easy to understand.”

Musical Theatre Performer