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Looking for a San Diego based Voice Coach who knows how to keep your voice healthy?

People ask me what I do? I help people optimize their speaking and singing voice using healthy vocal technique based on science. I am a licensed Speech Pathologist, Voice Therapist, Singing Rehab Specialist and classically trained soprano. My background as a Speech Pathologist provides me with expert knowledge about the voice and how to prevent vocal injury as well as how to correct speech sounds. Besides voice therapy, I specialize in helping singers resolve their vocal challenges and set them on a path of healthy singing. My Estill Voice Training has given me the expertise to coach all singing styles with techniques that won’t harm your voice. I’m also one of a small group of Speech Pathologists who has achieved Practitioner status from the Lessac Institute for Lessac Kinisensics, a method for voice, speech, and movement.

My services include: voice coaching, voice improvement, voice therapy, singing voice therapy, diction, the aging voice as well as accent modification. You and I work as a team to arrive at the goals we set. One of my specialties is to eliminate vocal nodules without surgery. I provide you with the tools to move forward with healthy vocal technique and provide you with the knowledge of life-time vocal health. I welcome all ages.

Who I work with

  • Everyday Speaker
  • VoiceOver Actors
  • Classroom Teachers
  • Musical Theatre Performers
  • Public Speakers
  • Older Adult Voice
  • Clergy and Worship Leaders
  • Singers




    What you can expect on your first session

    If you notice any changes with your voice for more than two weeks you should make an appointment with either an Otolaryngologist (ENT) or a Laryngologist to discuss your vocal problems. After we have an initial phone conversation, we schedule a comprehensive evaluation of your voice and speech including any pertinent history. Depending on your need I will ask you to bring some material that you use in your profession.

    For example, if you are a singer I ask that you bring something to sing. If you’re a classroom teacher you would bring a lesson to teach. Based on what we discover I will customize a plan of what you need and you’ll leave with practice materials.


    What you can expect to learn

  • Vocal Health
  • Breath Management
  • Vocal Pacing and Vocal Efficiency
  • How to speak with a rich resonant voice
  • Diction tricks to make singing AND speaking easier
  • How to reduce vocal fatigue, tension and recover from intense voice use
  • THE TWANG FARM: easy to understand ways to sing different styles

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